“Top-notch! Jessica is super talented, but such a natural at teaching as well. She has a gift for making it easy to understand. I really enjoyed my first lesson and look forward to many more! I highly recommend her!”

Tricia D.
Adult Student

“We have four kids who take lessons from Jessica and she is able to individualize their lessons based on how they each learn best. She is great at teaching improv skills, and the music she uses is fun for the kids to play (and for us to listen to). Jessica is very encouraging to the kids as they are learning and they love her reward system. She can not only teach, but she can play really well too. Our kids look forward to lessons each week!”

Nicole M.

Piano Parent

“Sharing from my heart, I could not have gotten a more genuine and inspirational piano teacher. Though as an elementary/middle school student I had some tough times practicing the difficult art of piano-playing, I certainly improved under her instruction, and through her patience and diligence, I now play piano for church service! She is hard-working, and certainly has a heart to see her students grow. She really knows how to get kids motivated with those prizes, and her ways of teaching are very effective and creative 🙂 

I’ve been under the instruction of many piano teachers–one teacher made me cry once, another my mother didn’t like, and another didn’t teach me that well–but I’ve had her as my teacher the longest, and I could say Jessica’s the one I and my mother are most satisfied with.

Speaking as a previous student of hers, I’d recommend her to any parent looking to grow his or her child’s piano-playing with a skilled, understanding, and loving teacher.”

Newstein C.
Former Student

“As a college student currently studying Music Education, my piano lessons with Ms. Jessica Shao were some of my best musical memories growing up. I first started lessons with Ms. Shao as an elementary student. She showed me great patience and kindness throughout each lesson, but always encouraged me to do my best. She did a great job of keeping records of our assignments and weekly practicing in our personal journals. She also knew how to motivate young learners with recitals and small prizes!

I am very grateful for Ms. Shao for the past years of piano lessons, which led me to become a piano teacher myself today. I am confident in recommending her as a piano teacher to any student who is interested in learning piano!”

Jessica W.
Former Student

“Jessica has been teaching my son for the past month. She has a good rapport with him, explains what to do and how to do it simply and well. She provides an overview to verify he’s mastered something before advancing to the next item. In addition she’s encouraged him to succeed and challenge himself. He’s been enjoying piano lessons and learning skills to improve both his knowledge and his skill.”

Eric W.
Parent of Current Student